Saturday, August 27, 2011

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What Dont Kill you, Makes you Stronger ..& WISER

So this past week has been Madness. Trying to maintain school, work and my social life has been hetic. But More than anything, trusting people who Really in no way can be trusted has stung me like a bee this week. Let me explain, .. So I thought that I could trust someone with some deep and personal business of mine. . Nope, she was quick to betray me. It came as a suprise because I thought there would be some kind of loyalty there. So the ending result was a Massive amount of Drama. Twitter slanders, and all other types of drama. This week has taught me that "What dont kill you, Makes you Stronger . & Wiser". Though my feelings were extremely hurt, im part to blame for putting my trust into man (people). No one can be trusted. I been through enough to know that no one is loyal except God. Oh ..and I feel only a liar has to go outta their way to prove that they are not. Most men lie ...just because they can. But anyways, Hibernation may be my best bet right now, I dont need any fake, phoney, and backstabbing people in my Life. Seprating myself will then show me who cares enough to not let it occur, but till then I'm riding solo. I been through a lot in my life, ..More than anyone could imagine. And the saying "What dont kill you, makes you stronger & Wiser" has always been a reminder that in the end I will be just Fine. I will Never allow anyone or anything to tear me down or apart,.. I'm not that Weak & Never have been !