Friday, July 15, 2011

Thanks Mommy.

So today I had a heart to heart with my Mother ... And it left me in tears. Sometimes you have to figure out the hard way who's really real and who's really Not. Not everyone or everything is for you And accepting that isnt easy. My mother always told me "All you have is Me and the Lord can't depend on no one else". Early on I thought every girl I chated with was my friend and every guy I met was the one ..believing these things caused me alot of hurt. Time after time my mother was proven right ..Her and God were the only loyal people in my life. So this is why now I'm making more time for the things and people that matter, My mother, God and Myself. I'm in such a better space and it feels Amazing. I am at peace. Yes I still have issues I deal with daily but I know they come with life. Struggles just help you to discover your Strengths.

Realize who and want is for you And let go of everything that is Not.

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